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Drawing on decades of experience, we assist organizations large and small by evaluating the unique challenges you face.

Safety & Health Audits

SouthStar Risk Consultants possess the technical skills and experience necessary to perform high quality audits, create an effective audit process or add value to your existing auditing methods. We work with your company to develop and implement audit programs for the following types of audits:

• OSHA/DOT/EPA Regulatory Compliance (Federal & State)
• OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)
• OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS)
• ANSI Z10-2005- Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
• Environmental Management Standards & Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems (ISO 14000/18000)
• Client developed management & compliance systems

Industrial Hygiene Services

Our industrial hygiene capabilities include program development and program audits, workplace assessments and sampling. Our industrial hygiene program development activities consist of an in-depth review of your processes, potential exposures, and statutory responsibilities to formulate a statistically valid industrial hygiene program. Each program is specifically tailored to your needs and will assist in protecting your employee’s health, ensuring compliance and improving productivity. Industrial hygiene services include:
• Air Contaminant Sampling & Evaluation
• Noise Dosimetry & Hearing Conservation Program
• Local Exhaust Ventilation Measurements
• Heat Stress Assessments
• Respiratory Program Development & Fit Testing
• Risk Communication & Training
• Industrial Hygiene Strategic Program Development

Education & Training

Our consultants will work with you to develop an education and training program that is specifically tailored to the needs of your organization. SouthStar is experienced in developing self-study, instructor guided, web-based, and computer-based education and training programs for any risk-based topic to fulfill your OSHA, DOT, and other training needs. The results of training developed and led by SouthStar include:
• Improved profitability
• Decreased risk of accidents
• Reduced employee & company downtime
• Relevant learning experiences for your employees
• Knowledgeable instructors
• Increased morale in the workplace

Environmental Compliance

SouthStar possesses the talent and experience necessary to develop Solutions that accomplish responsible environmental compliance in a cost-effective manner. We understand that facility compliance challenges result from external pressure of new regulatory requirements and enforcement trends, as well as from internal company policies to streamline operations and reduce costs through waste minimization and recycling. Our personnel have considerable expertise in the following areas of service:
• Compliance Audit & Planning
• Risk Assessments
• Recycling Solutions
• Environmental Outsourcing
• Solid Waste Management
• Water Quality Permitting
• Air Quality Consulting
• Noise Analysis

Ergonomic Program Support

Southstar Risk Consultants can assist your company with ergonomic workstations, ergonomic job and task assessments, equipment recommendations, and training and education seminars. We provide recommendations to help you reduce injuries, increase productivity, and ensure a healthier work environment. Improvement recommendations are supported by critical dimensions, detailed illustrations, and vendor information to ensure a smooth path to implementation.

Machinery Safeguarding

SouthStar consultants understand balancing effective and compliant machine guarding techniques, employee safety and the need to operate the machinery effectively and efficiently, SouthStar Machinery Safeguarding Services include:

• Detailed Machine Risk Assessment & Hazard Analysis
• ANSI B11 Assessments
• Operator training
• Machine guarding equipment function testing procedure development
• Periodic & regular inspection procedure development
• Technical assistance & assessment prior to purchasing new or used equipment

Incident Investigation

SouthStar Risk Consulting has the capacity and experience to assist your organization in the event of a catastrophe with proven, structured analysis techniques. We will work with you to develop a report that will withstand the scrutiny of regulators, internal reviews, the public, and the media. Our techniques apply to both acute (one-time) and chronic (repeated) events.

Behavioral & Cultural Safety

Many years of research have determined that perception surveys are a better predictor of safety performance than any other method of measurement practiced in the industry today. Focus groups and management interviews are also conducted by SouthStar expert facilitators to augment perception survey data, provide grassroots suggestions for improvement, and to validate survey responses.

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